Disability Plan FAQ

Questions and Answers

  1. Who is eligible for this coverage?
All active, career employees working 25 hours per week or more may purchase this income protection.
  1. How does the plan define total disability?
Total disability is defined as the inability to engage in the principal job responsibilities of your own occupation and under the care of your physician.
  1. Will my benefit payments be subject to federal income tax?
No. Your benefit payments will not be subject to federal income tax since you'll be paying for coverage with after-tax dollars.
  1. Does this plan cover disability resulting from maternity?
Yes, maternity is covered as any other eligible disability. (See Question 11)
  1. If I become disabled. how long will I have to wait before receiving benefits?
Payments start after you've been totally disabled for fourteen days ("elimination period"). If you are confined to a hospital, the elimination period is waived.
  1. What if I go back to work after being disabled, and then get sick again?
If you to return to work during the elimination period for less than 3 months, only to become totally disabled again for the same or related cause, your benefit waiting period will not be interrupted. If, after receiving benefits, you return to work for less than 3 months, only to become totally disabled again from the same or related cause, you will not have to go through another elimination period to receive benefits.
  1. How much of my income will the plan replace?
You may purchase up to 60% of your current monthly income , not including any bonuses or overtime. Benefit payments will only be reduced by 50% if other sources of income which you are received such as Workers' Compensation Civil Service Retirement System, Federal Employee Retirement System and Social Security.
  1. What is included in "monthly income" as it applies to this plan?
For the purposes of this plan, your "monthly income" is defined as: your own monthly earnings excluding bonuses or overtime pay and other fringe benefits or extra compensation you receive as a Federal employee.
  1. Does this plan cover mental and nervous disabilities?
No. Unless it is organically connected.
  1. Does the plan cover job-related disabilities?
  1. Are any benefits payable under this plan for pre-existing conditions? 
Benefits are not payable for a physical condition, injury, or sickness for which you received care* during the 36 months preceding the date your plan goes into effect until: (1) you have received no further treatment for that condition for 12 months while insured, or (2) you have been continuously insured under the plan for one year. (* Receiving care includes treatment, incurring expense, taking medication, or receiving a diagnosis or advice from a physician.)
  1. Are there any other exclusions or limitations?
Benefits are not payable for disabilities resulting from: commission of or attempt to commit a felony; war or act of war (declared or not); military service during war or armed conflict; insurrection, rebellion, participation in a riot or civil disorder, intentionally self inflicted injury while sane or insane; abortion, except where the Insured's life would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term or where medical complications have arisen from abortion; any period of disability during which you are not under the regular care and treatment of a physician.
  1. Where do my benefit payments come from?
Because your benefits payments will be coming from Central United Life Insurance Co., you can rely on receiving them regularly throughout the term of your disability. C.U.L. is a large and well respected Financial and Insurance institution, and a leader in offering special employee benefit programs to Federal Employees.
  1. If I'm disabled do I have to apply for Social Security benefits
  1. How do I enroll?
Fill out the enrollment form on the opposite page and the pre-printed Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form  1199A. Return both to the Plan Administrator at the address shown below. Do not send money. Your premiums will be deducted from your paycheck through payroll allotment.
  1. Where do I go for more information?
For more details, contact your plan Administrator:

Benefits Unlimited Insurance, Inc.
P.O. Box 530820
Henderson, NV 89053-9907

Email: bui@benunlins.com

1-800-325-0475 or 415-459-5019