Disability Plan

Endorsed Disability Paycheck Protection Plan

California State Association of Letter Carriers

Affiliated with the AFL-CIO
California State Federation of Labor

The C.S.A.L.C. in conjunction with CENTRAL UNITED LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY has agreed to provide you with an affordable and valuable Disability Income Paycheck Protection Plan that is a Guaranteed To Issue Disability Plan.

Our members cannot afford to be without disability insurance. The chances of suffering a disability before retirement increases with age. No one plans on becoming disabled, but it makes sense to be prepared when and if a disability strikes. The C.S.A.L.C. plan can help you be prepared by providing a reliable source of income protection when you need it most.

The Highlights of the CENTRAL UNITED LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Disability Plan are:

  • Guaranteed To Issue: Pre-Existing Conditions Covered After One Year.
  • 24 Hour Coverage: On and Off the Job Protection.
  • Low Cost Group Rates: $20 to $60 Per Pay Period in many instances.
  • Benefits are Paid in Addition to Workers Comp., Sick Leave and Annual Leave.
  • Benefits are Paid: After 14 Days of Total Disability for Accident or Sickness, Maternity Included, and Up to ONE FULL YEAR of Benefit Payments.

Review the details of the plan and determine how it meets your needs.

The chance of an accident or illness preventing you from working for a long time is greater than you think. To take advantage of this special offer, follow the simple enrollment procedures. Please forward all forms and enrollment material to Benefits Unlimited. Should you have any questions concerning this benefit plan, contact our Plan Administrator, Benefits Unlimited, at 1-(800)-325-0475.

We hope you will give this plan serious consideration and Enroll Now!! Support the program and provide yourself and your family with this much needed paycheck protection.


John Beaumont